What is GridMeNow?

GridMeNow is a simple to use, secure, cloud-based, enterprise network platform whose purpose is to provide organizations with increased, situational awareness & business intelligence. Our platform is fully customizable & empowers organizations to leverage secure cloud-based computing, smartphone technology, & access to the Internet‑of‑Things (IOT) in an effort to solve organizational specific needs.

In short, GridMeNow is a compulsory tool for leaders to make informed decision based upon knowledgable information. This tool is a necessity for any business with traveling, field, or remote employees.

Customizable Interfaces
Tailored to
Individual Needs

We started as a solution for any organization trying to make decisions and manage threats. We have evolved into a fully integrated Ecosystem capable of assisting both large scale worldwide enterprises, or a family of 4 vacationing, anywhere on planet earth. We are the solution that keeps you safe.

Flexible Mobile

Central system allows dynamic UI based on configurations instead of compiled software installations.

User Group

Flexible UI allows specific versions for different user types within the same organization.

Command Center

Users data is automatically sent to most appropriate center for faster response time.

New Suite
of Services

New functionality to monitor more real world events and new API consumption features allow better informed decisions based on BI.


Communication is streamlined for fast response or create mass alert functionality to notify your entire network of time critical information.


Leverage our value added partnerships to manage your technology vendor relationships and place all of your IOT connections in one solution.

Our Philosophy

We utilize Geo-Referenced information to continually make people safer & business more efficient anytime of day, anywhere in the world. GridMeNow is a dynamic SAAS platform that ties together the cellular phone and other Internet of Things (IOT) devices, into one comprehensive secure, cloud-based, operational environment. Over the past decade, our enthusiasm, acumen, and partnerships have only intensified as we implement technological advancements in the fields of data mining, IOTs and Future AI. Our goal, is to provide a comprehensive & scalable solution to our customers looking to increase operational efficiencies and safeguard their workforce, no matter where in the world their travel & journeys takes them.

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Digital representations of data illuminates intelligence that was previously difficult for organizations to visualize, and take the appropriate action. With the inclusion of on-scene information, automated repots, & geo-spatial intelligence, organizations can quickly obtain the information needed to make lightning fast, accurate decisions.  


White label your own custom look, feel and functionality. Operations transpire seamlessly as you remain connected to your workforce, increase operational efficiencies, & expedite the decision making calculus.

Easy to Train & Easy to Utilize

GridMeNow™ leverages the power of smart phones to create an easy to operate interface that's easy to install. It takes is less than 5 minutes to get new users up & running. Online video training allows Administrators to remain proficient in operating the platform.

Wolrdwide Supervision & Control

Administrators independently control the entire platform, anywhere in the world, through a secure internet login. Leveraging a centralized platform, organizations are empowered to connect and share the right information, with the right individuals, at the right time.